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Shell Argina

Although they deliver efficiency for the user, the latest engines place greater stress on the oil through higher pressures and temperatures. This can mean that the oil undergoes rapid base number (BN) depletion and viscosity increase. In addition, the lower natural specific lube oil consumption (SLOC) may increase the need for sweetening. Greater variability in fuel quality also means that the lubricant needs to be able to handle poor-quality fuels.


New Shell Argina S5 is a BN55 grade engine oil designed for the latest, high-output and dual-fuel engines from MAN and Wärtsilä.   It has improved base number (BN) retention and viscosity control, and has been trialled in the most demanding applications.
In tests to measure performance compared with a competitor’s oil,
Shell Argina S5 demonstrated
n 18% better BN retention
n 22% less oil consumption
resulting in a reduction in overall oil consumption from 0.4 g/kwh to 0.31 g/kwh.