Shell Thermia Oil B is based on carefully selected highly refined mineral oils chosen for its ability to provide superior performance in indirect closed fluid heat transfer systems.

Applications • Enclosed circulated heat transfer systems for industrial applications such as process industry, chemical plants, textile producers etc. and in household equipment such as oil filled radiators. Thermia B can be used in high temperature continuous heat transfer equipment with the following application limits: Thermia B Max. film temperature 340°C Max. bulk temperature 320°C Performance Features and Benefits • High oxidation and thermal stability Thermia B is based on carefully selected highly refined mineral oils. The rates of oil cracking and oxidation are very small, giving long oil life. This assumes an efficient fluid heater with good pump circulation that the film temperatures on the heater surface do not exceed the limits above. • Low viscosity and high heat transfer coefficient Low viscosity enables excellent fluidity and heat transfer also at lower temperatures. • Good solvency • Non-corrosive • Low vapour pressure • Non-toxic oils and easy disposal Mineral oil heat transfer fluids are safer to handle than synthetic fluids. After service they can easily be collected as used oil for recycling or disposal.