High Performance hydraulic oils
Shell Tellus®Premium Oils are high performance hydraulic oils blended with patented Shell additive technology in combination with hydrotreated base oils to meet the requirements of the most demanding hydraulic systems. The use of patented additive technology and Group II base oils results in outstanding thermal stability even in systems that operate under conditions of high loads and temperature Shell Tellus Premium Oils are resistant to degradation and sludge formation, which helps improve system reliability and cleanliness. Patented anti-wear additive chemistry has proven to be very effective across the entire range of operating conditions including low and severe duty operation as measured in a variety of piston and vane pump tests including the demanding Denison T6C and Eaton Vickers 35VQ25. Shell Tellus Premium Oils exceed the industry standards for oxidation stability as measured by the Turbine Oxidation Stability Test (TOST). This results in extending drain oil interval and helps minimize maintenance and disposal costs. Shell Tellus Premium has good stability in the presence of moisture (hydrolytic stability) which promotes longer oil life and reduces the risk of corrosion and rusting, especially in protection of brass components. Shell Tellus Premium Oils are suitable for ultrafine filtration, an essential requirement in keeping any hydraulic system clean and operating at peak efficiency. Filtration properties are still excellent even in the presence of contaminants such as water and calcium, which are known to cause blockage of fine filters. Applications • industrial hydraulic systems • mobile hydraulic fluid power transmission systems • circulating oil systems • general machine lubrication Features/Benefits • excellent thermal stability – improves system reliability and cleanliness • outstanding antiwear – results in longer pump and component life and reduced replacement costs • excellent oxidation resistance - reduces oil replacement cost • excellent hydrolytic stability –provides protection from corrosion of brass components in pumps and results in reduced replacement costs • outstanding filterability –improves efficiency of filtration systems to reach system cleanliness targets • good water separation – protects systems components from corrosion and wear • excellent air release – minimizes chances of pump cavitation and oxidation degradation of the oil